"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Friday, May 2, 2008

Our First BBQ!....and a Propane Story

So Wayne decided he would buy a BBQ on the way home from work. He headed to Wal Mart and purchased the grill as well as the propane tank. I pulled up to our garage on my way back from the gym to find him sprawled out, BBQ parts everywhere. (I didn't know he had to assemble the dang thing himself!) After an hour it started getting dark outside so he brought the grill into the living room to finish it. At 9 PM it was done!...so he thought. We put it on the porch to light up and.......nothing. Again.....nothing. I asked him if he had the propane tank filled up. His respone was "You gotta have them fill it up too!?" HA HA HA!!! I could hardly contain myself! Bless his heart, he spent over two hours putting the thing together and forgot to get the propane tank filled up! We laughed for a long time...and then I went to Chic Fil A to grab us some dinner. At least we had burgers and brats to look forward to the next night!

We've Added Some Color To Our Kitchen!

Here's our kitchen with the red and yellow colors. I love that we have some color in our home now! We really weren't planning on the red color at first, so now we have to purchase a few things to match it...like towels! The orange ones in this picture would have definately matched the pumpkin orange color! :)

The Finished Product!

Tada! Here is our TV/Family room all finished! The color looks great and makes it feel more like "our" place. Wayne did a good job painting the accent wall...he was really the one to choose the color for it as well. By the way, these are our new couches! It's great because they aren't half eaten by a dog, and the middle cushion is 100% in tact!

It's a Dirty Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It!

Oooooooh, see the look of concentration and determination in his eyes as he cleans his paint roller! If there is one person in this world who can clean an entire can of paint out of a roller it is Wayne Jensen. Not one drop was left! I attempted it, but soon found out it was harder than it looks. Wayne was a painter for a while, painting the inside of new homes. He knows all the "techniques" to painting your place!

The Kitchen Nightmare...

So how many times can you visit the Home Depot paint department in one day?.....try four. That's right, we went four different times just for the kitchen color(s). The first color Yellow we tried was a little TOO yellow! But of course we didn't decide that until I spent 45 minutes cutting in. We (meaning the wonderful and patient people at Home Depot) tried adding more color to make it a deep orange/brown color, but it turned out looking like a really awful tanish-whatever-it-was color. Third time is a charm right??? Nope. We tried matching this really cool dark orange color on a plate we had. It looked great being held up to the walls! You can see the spot to the left of the picture...looks like a Halloween Pumpkin! No bueno! The last (and FINAL) time we went we decied on a lighter yellow overall, with a backsplash of a deep red. It turned out beautiful!

Getting Ready to Paint!

So we decided to paint our townhome! We started at 8am in the morning and "finished" at about 10:30 at night. Here's Wayne preping the walls with tape, just before cutting in with the paint brush. We agreed on a Navajo White for the walls in the TV room, with an accent wall a very pretty sage/brown color. Just when I thought we had finally moved things in and cleaned up we started this project!