"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Big Wet Kiss for Valentines Day!

Wayne has been out of town in Virginia all week on business, so I spent some time playing with the new pup Heme. He's so cuddly and loves to be held. He sleeps most of the time, but really enjoys play time as well!


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of Whizzer, our beloved family dog whom we were very sad to have to put to sleep. Whizzie had been battling with stomach cancer and was in too much pain to stick aroung any longer. Last weekend my mom and dad drove up to Northern Idaho to pick up this little guy. My dad wanted a macho name so he picked "Heme." Yes, this IS after the thing in the truck! He is only 7 weeks old in this picture which was taken just yesterday. He is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen!

The Funky Bunch

Wayne has known the twins, Megan and Chelsea, since High School. Although all of us are now married we still like to get together now and again to catch up on life. We enjoyed the raclette dinner, followed by a massive game of "Catch Phrase."

This is Totally Awsome!

We had our friends over for raclette dinner a couple weeks ago. (Starting from the left: Megan, Corey, and Chelsea). Raclette is an amazing dinner that consists of a mini grill, fancy cheeses and all sorts of sausages! OK, so about the care bear...Wayne's uncle is the owner of a company called "All in Fun." He rents out moon bounces as well as frequently hiring Wayne (or in this case his brother Trevor) to dress up as a character and entertain at kid's birthday parties. We made him put the suit on to pose with our friends! Lookin Good Trevor!