"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Me and My Dog...

Sam loved the lake! We sat at the end just taking it all in and enjoyed being out in the clean, mountain air!

Strike a Pose!!...at 13,000 Feet!

This was my favorite "patch" of mountains all along the park so we had to get a photo! It was really windy being up that high!

Our "First" 14er...

Ok, so the peak that is to the left in this picture is called "MT GINORMOUS!" Just kidding, I really can't remember what it is called, but apparently this is the first peak that Wayne wants to climb...I'll get back to you on the name!

More Mountains!...Yes, There were MANY!!!

Here are more "14er's!" I am not exactly sure which ones they are, but they are just amazing! They reminded me of fudge lighty dusted with powdered sugar. I have never seen mountains like this before so they truly got me sucked in and just fascinated!

Colorado "14er's"

Rocky Mountain National Park is covered by "14er's." This term is referring to huge towering mountains at or above 14,000 feet in elevation. Wayne has already started his list of which ones we are going to hike and it looks like we will be VERY busy next summer!

Rocky Mountain Wilderness...

Standing at the top of a 12,000 foot peak can take your breath away! The views from all different directions are enough to make you cry!!! The mountains just seemed to go on forever and ever!!

More Wildlife in the Park....

So just a few miles after we saw the two moose...we saw a bunch of female elk!! The elk are mating this time of year the females are very much all over the place! We only saw two males and that was at the end of our trip. There are about 8 times as many female elk than there are males so the chances of seeing a male were very slim, so we were pretty lucky to see two!

Wildlife in the Park

We were only about three miles into the park when we spotted two female moose hanging out in the meadow. There were a ton of people snapping photos! We almost thought it was a bear because of all of the cameras! We watched them for a while as they sat there together and munched on whatever moose eat, and then casually went on their way across the meadow.

Rocky Mountain National Park...for FREE!!!!

Grand Lake is only a mile and a half away from Rocky Mountain National Park so of COURSE we had to go see it! As we pulled up to the station to pay the entrance fee, we saw this sign posted....I seriously thought it was a joke! The ranger said (in his cheesy Forrest Ranger Voice) "The park is FREE today kids! Enjoy!" FREAKIN AWSOME!!!! I was really excited....

Walking Around The Lake,

We decided to take a stroll around the lake with Sam. We came to a little cove where the water was so still and clear that we could see itty bitty fish hanging out in the shadowy parts. We ended up going down a private lane and unfortunately don't have millions and millions of dollars to be friends with the poeple who own the homes on that particular lane...so we turned around and walked all the way back to the car! Sam did allright since he was a little distracted by all of the new smells...and a few flying bugs!

A Glimpse of Autumn...

The drive to Grand Lake was filled with color! I snapped this picture out of our Xterra window as we drove up the multiple switchbacks which lead us to the top where we found even more fall colors! The contrast between the fall leaves and bright blue sky made for an awsome photo!

Wayne and Same....at Grand Lake!!!!

Ok, so this is pretty much the same picture as below (with me and Sam), except five minutes before this picture was taken we were walking Sam on the dock.....then POOP! Yup, he pooped RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the dock! I couldn't stop laughing as I tried to clean it up!! The joys of having a puppy!! :)

More Grand Lake!

Sam loved the lake! He was actually quite terrified of the dock when we first stepped out on it...I guess he didn't like the "rocking" motion! After he finally calmed down we were able to catch this great photo of the two of us with the beautiful fall leaves behind us!

Grand Lake, Colorado

This past weekend Wayne and I...and Sam..went to Grand Lake, CO. This is quite possibly the most beautiful little mountain town I have EVER been to! The entire little community is centered around a "Grand" lake which is bordered by gorgeous cabins...the kind you have to take a boat to get to! The town itself is just peaceful and everyone is very friendly! The place seemed very pet friendly too since just about everywhere we went the store owners gave sam dog treats!