"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wayne and Sam...Best Buddies!

I've discovered that our dog love to have his picture taken! It must be that he likes to show off his handsome Santa Christmas Scarf! He did very well in the family pictures we took, and had a great time exploring Garden of the Gods Park. He is a great climber and loves to meet the millions of other pups here in this "Dog Lover" state of Colorado!

All Smiles in Garden of the Gods!!

Yesterday Wayne and I went to Garden of the Gods State Park to have our "family" Christmas card photos taken. We lucked out in coming across a professional photographer who was there waiting for a "family session" to arrive. She ended up taking the photo that we used for our card, but we always like to take some fun pics as well! Wayne caught this photo right as sam was done yawning and I was laughing!

Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree!!!

Wayne picked up a Christmas tree from Lowe's a couple days ago. We have such different schedules that is was hard for us to find a time to go together. He did a great job finding a beautiful tree, and an even better job putting the lights on it! I came back from teaching Yoga at the gym on Friday morning and he was already putting the ornaments on! I did get to help him with the rest of them to creat our beautiful Christmas tree!...complete with a choo choo train!

Playing in the Snow!

Last weekend we had a blizzard! Nothing like in Salt Lake of course, but it still snowed all day! Sam hasn't really ever played in the snow before so Wayne decided to take him to the park across the street. I have been getting over bronchitis so I stayed inside where it was warm! Both of them came back exhausted and cold, but from what I heard they had a great time making snow angels and playing on the slide...yes, our dog is VERY spoiled!!

Deck the Halls.....or Puppy??

Wayne and I were putting up our Christmas decorations and as usual Sam was right there in the middle of everything. He has to know what is going on all the time! I decided to drape a garland around his neck to make him more festive! He really didn't seem to mind it!