"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sam is Filthy!

Sam was absolutely FILTHY after playing in the river! Luckily I was prepared...I had a towel and blanket in the car to wipe off all of the dirt! After cleaning him up as much I could we started the 20 minute drive home. Sam slept the entire way...not moving at all! I had exhausted him completely!

Cheyenne State Park

Yesterday I took Sam to Cheyenne State Park. After buying him a harness I decided to let him have a little fun in the river! He absolutely loved it! He splashed around as he jumped from rock to rock and shoved his face in the mini waterfalls flowing over the rocks. We waded on down the river a little bit and some places went all the way up to Sam's belly.

A Picnic at the Park!

On the Fourth of July we decided to go on a picnic with Sam. It was a little difficult trying to keep Sam out of the picnic basket and fried chicken, but he loved being outside and playing with the frisbee! He decided he needed to be the designated "dishwasher" as you can see him licking our plates clean!

Our Best Friend!

Wayne and I love Sam, and he is getting so BIG! We used to pick him up with one arm, but now you have to actually pick him up with both arms to carry him down the stairs! We are still working on biting and barking issues, but he already sits, stays, shakes, rolls over, and gives high-fives!

The Finished Product!

Here is the fnished dining room! We still need to put the base boards back on, but our place looks so fancy now! We have been constantly sweeping and swiffering it to get all of the dust out. Our next step it to tear out the laminate flooring in the kitchen and put wood in there!


The TV room and dining room are now completely finished! The floor looks so nice and really opens up the place! Sam is still getting used to the new floors though. Every time he runs to play his little paws slip all over the place!

It's Looking Great!

The floors are taking us a little bit longer than we would have liked. We have both been so busy that we throw in a board here and there when we can. The Tv room is almost completely done now!

Getting Started!

We started the flooring in the TV room. After putting all of our furniture in the garage, Wayne tore up the carpet, swept, put down the blue absorbent barrier, and began putting in the wood. The first row was the hardest part, but after that we were well on our way!

Hardwood Floors...This is Where it Starts...

We had been thinking of putting in hardwood floors ever since we bought our townhome at the end of March. Two weeks ago Wayne just up and bought the wood. Here it is, ready to be prepped and put in! Our next adventure awaits!

"Let Me See That Tootsie Roll!

Sam and I went to PetsMart last week and he got to pick out a new toy. As we were walking around the store, he stuck his face into a bin and pulled out this one! Although he hasn't had it for that long, he has already ripped it open and taken one of the two squeakers out of the end!