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Agnes Repplier

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

GRRRRR....I'm in the Bear Box!

When you camp in Meuller State Park you are required to put all of your cooking utensiles, food, and anything else that smells yummy, in a Bear-Proof Box. I had to see for myself just how cool it was, so I hopped inside for a great photo opportunity!

A Black Bear's Hibernating Den...

Wayne spotted this on the way back from Rock Pond. It was once used for a Black Bear's winter hibernating den (probably a couple years ago). Bears will actually drag medium-sized logs to cover their den and protect them from the snow. Most people probably wouldn't notice this awsome site, but Wayne has become quite the bear expert since we went backpacking in Yellowstone!

What a View!

Once again on the Rock Pond Trail, I found myself a nice resting spot on a HUGE boulder. The view was excellent and the warm sunshine was even better! It was actually a really cold day and the wind was blowing the entire hike...but we still managed to have a great time!

Meuller State Park, "Rock Pond"

This past weekend we "attempted" to go backpacking in Meuller State Park. I say attempted because we drove an hour to the park, just to find out there is no overnight camping allowed in the park, except in the designated campgrounds. We didn't want to spend $18 for one night so we decided to just hike around for a bit. This particular hike was called "Rock Pond." It was absolutely beautiful and very quiet!