"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decorating for Christmas!!!!

I finished decorating our front door for Christmas! Sam was outside "helping" me....trying to eat the fake berries! He did get ahold of one and ended up swallowing it! The door looks so pretty when it is dark and the lights are on!

A Carmax Thanksgiving Feast!

Our Thanksgiving consisted of all the senior managers at Carmax and their wives. We all got together at our friend Steve's house and enjoyed a "pot luck" style Thanksgiving feast! Steve and his wife Liz were gracious enough to host the dinner and cook the turkey! Everyone brought something to share so we ended up with an abundance of yummy food! Michael Beane is the guy on the far left in this picture. This is Wayne's boss and no he did not shave his mustache either! His wife Bri is sitting to the right of him, followed by our friend Jess, her husband Pete, and their new friend from the military...I already forgot his name! Kim is sitting to the upper right from Michael and is a buyer for Carmax. Her boyfriend plays professional indoor arena football and is in California at the moment. The two bald guys on the bottom right of the picture are also managers...Robert and....I can't ever remember anyone's names! They are all awsome people though and so much fun to hang out with!

Jamie and me!!....My 5K friend!

Ok, so this is my friend Jamie. She is married to Jeremy who is pictured below. Jamie and I bumped into each other earlier in the morning at the 5k! We both did great and burned enough calories to eat a bunch of delicous food! Jamie is and environmental engineer! She is SOOO freakin' smart!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Turkey Day! We shared our Thanksgiving day with some of Wayne's co-workers. Zira (far left), Wayne, and Jeremy (JT), enjoyed watching football while the rest of us ate all of Wayne's delicious artichoke dip! Apparently wayne was the only one who shaved after the beard/mustache growing contest!

My Furriest Fan!

Sam came with Wayne and I to the 5k. Wayne said he did great the entire race! He definately got a LOT of love and attention from everyone....and he was even on TV! A local news camera man put the camera right up to Sam's nose! He was so excited to see me at the finish line!

My Fastest 5K Ever!!!!

Heck Ya! That's me, the third one from the front. I am wearing all black, just like everyone else in the race!!! This 5K turned out to be my fastest one yet....29 minutes! Wayne said he was waiting for me to come across and all of the sudden there I was! I was so excited and shocked as I came across and saw the time on my watch and on the time clock! It gave me a little more motivation to start training for the Salt Lake Marathon in April 2009!

All Smiles at the YMCA Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Morning-2008

Running to make room for the turkey! I decided to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I know, most people would use this day to sleep in and relax...not me! Eating all that turkey and pie won't make me feel guilty after this! This photo was taken by Wayne at the starting line...apparently the guy to the left of me (directly in front of the camera) was having a good time too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wayne scored this free turkey scarf for Sam from a groomer's across from his work. We didn't think Sam would particularly like it, but he seemed very proud and looked very handsome!

The Bearded Man!!!

Wayne and his fellow co-workers had a bear-growing contest at work. For the past four weeks they were only allowed to "trim" and not shave. I have seen Wayne with a beard before, but not one this "full!" I got so used to it that it was WAY different when he shaved! Smooth as a baby's bottom!!