"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh!"

Agnes Repplier

"Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live..."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's Already been 4 years?

This is the exact spot where Wayne proposed to me on August 9, 2003. He pretended to trip and while on the ground pulled out the bling! I love visiting this spot because it brings back to many happy memories of that night! Happy Anniversary on January 9th!

Snowshoeing in Wyoming!

We took a 3 mile snowshoeing journey into the wilderness on Christmas Eve. We stopped when we came across an area where a bear was hibernating for the winter. Bears usually find and area right at the edge of the tree line, and near an open meadow where they have plenty of room to chase their dinner in the Spring. They also strip the bark off the trees around them to mark their territory. I can't believe how many bear encounters we have run into this past year!

Showshoeing is a lot harder than it looks! The person in front does most of the working while trudging through knee-high power. We traded off who lead the way while enjoying absolute silence and the wonderful smell of the 20-30 feet tall Christmas trees surrounding us!

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

I've always had my marathon medals just hanging on a push-pin stuck in the wall. Every time we opened to bathroom door it would swing into my medals, leaving them with all kinds of scratches and dings.
Wayne surprised me on Christmas morning with this beautiful shadow-box that he had spent numerous hours making for me! He would sometimes "disappear" to his dad's house for a while where he was borrowing all the tools to finish the masterpiece.
This is absolutely without a doubt the best Christmas present that I have ever received! If you look close enough there are a few extra hooks...for more future marathons! Thanks for making it the best Christmas ever Wayne!

Christmas at Temple Square!

Wayne and I just love Temple Square at Christmas time! After eating at our favorite Italian cafe, "

Litza's" we decided to take a stroll downtown to the beautiful lights at Temple Square. Although it was absolutely FREEZING we still had a good time!